Singing Blackcap

During the last week, males of the summer migrant Blackcap population have been arriving at their territories. I heard my first one in the cemetery near home. Today, at my patch, four males were singing. They have a musical song, with a typical cadence. Occasionally a male will emerge from the thickets they prefer and sing in the open, from an exposed branch. Watercolour and pencil in my Wacom tablet.

Long-tailed Duck

I realised today I’ve never drawn a long-tailed duck, and that needed to be remedied. The reason is probably that my first sighting, of three individuals off South Landing at Flamborough, was a double lifer, as I had Little Auks for the first time. Since then I have come across them at several places. They are arctic ducks that are occasional winter visitors in our area.

Lesser Redpoll on Birch

I saw a lone Lesser Redpoll feeding on a birch tree. It used its foot deftly to hold a birch catkin in place while it fed, like Goldfinches do. Redpolls have beautiful faces, their bills are tiny and their eyes are framed on a dark mask giving them a slant-eyes expression. Watercolour and pencil on wacom tablet.