Singing Whitethroat

I love Whitethroats. In the last week males have arrived from their winter quarters just South of the Sahara Desert and have started setting their territories in little scrubby corners even in the middle of cities, constantly singing their angry, scratchy song, like they are asking females ‘I am here, where are you?’ Females will be arriving soon and settle down to nest. I’m still experimenting with the oil setting in my Wacom tablet. I hoped to capture the atmosphere of a whitethroat in the dawn chorus.

Singing Blackcap

During the last week, males of the summer migrant Blackcap population have been arriving at their territories. I heard my first one in the cemetery near home. Today, at my patch, four males were singing. They have a musical song, with a typical cadence. Occasionally a male will emerge from the thickets they prefer and sing in the open, from an exposed branch. Watercolour and pencil in my Wacom tablet.