Crows playing peek-a-boo

Carrion crows playing hide and seek

We watched the campus from the top of the University library. Some feral pigeons bathing in a flooded rooftop, a wagtail in the lone pavements, passing gulls. But the crows were up to no good. First one of them chased a Jackdaw in flight for a long while, both coming and going, occasionally the Jackdaw getting behind the crow and chasing it. After a while, one of them dive-bombed a Mistle Thrush that was sitting atop a tower. They looked like they were showing off.

Then three of the crows gathered on a flat rooftop. Something odd seemed to be going on, and we got the binoculars onto them. One was watching, while the other two individuals appeared to be playing some sort of peek-a-boo around a ventilation shaft. Round and round they went, chasing and changing direction. At some point one of them appeared suddenly from behind the shaft and surprised the other, who jumped back comically. At soon as I took the camera out to take a video they stopped and dispersed. I’d love to know if anybody has watched similar behaviour in crows.