Queen of the park

Sparrowhawk femaleA crouched blackbird on the ground by a hedge calling with its high pitched alarm call (seee!) alerted me to the presence of a bird of prey. I looked up to the trees in the park and distinguished the silhouette of a Sparrowhawk. There were two, and they flew chasing each other and landing in different trees. They repeated the chase and land several times. It had started to rain, but I managed some record shots and in them I saw that there were male and female. I based this sketch on the shots of the female.

Sparrowhawk display

Moon Sparrowhawk2 A Sparrowhawk flew high in the sky over town, passing just in front of the moon.  I was too slow getting my camera out, in a brief moment, the Sparrowhawk flew distant and disappeared from view behind a building. Sparrowhawks, both males and, more prominently females, announce their territory ownership by flying high in the early months of the year. As they usually display a more skulking behaviour, this is a good time of the year to spot them.