The first hoot


A quick pencil sketch on my sketch book (not a digital one for a change) of a Tawny Owl. Last night at about 4:20, I heard a single lear hoot from the lime tree just outside my window, the first one of the year. In the early months of the year the owls become more noticeable by the hooting of the males and the response of females ‘kweek!’ as they establish territories and start nesting.

Tawny owl in the lime tree


When I first moved to this city, my first floor apartment faced a lime tree. Soon I discovered that a pair of Tawny Owls roosted in it. They often sat next to each other, by a main branch, and were briefly aroused from their slumber by noisy passing cars. At dusk, they would wake up and leave to hunt. I spent quite some time that year watching and sketching the owls from the living room. This was the only watercolour I painted.