Running blackbird

Running Blackbird


I tried to portray the skulking dash of a Blackbird, head low, hunched up, one of my favourite moves of this bird. I based this sketch on a distant picture of my remote control camera, set in the garden quite low down, which captured this behaviour beautifully.

Coal Tit singing

Coal Tit singingIt feels like spring! This morning, while pottering around in the garden I heard a singing Coal Tit in the distance. I whistled imitating its song, and the bird flew closer. After eyeing me, looking puzzled, it perched on the top branches of the neighbours’ fir tree, and kept singing. This bird is a resident species in the area, last year, I watched some fledglings in the garden.

Brent Geese

Brent GeeseA pair of Brent Geese navigate the creeks by the salt marsh. They can be relatively approachable near the harbours and towns in North Norfolk, and after the cold March, they seem to have delayed their migration to the Arctic, although today there were far less numerous than a week ago. Pencil.