Male Kestrel perched on a tree

Male Kestrel perched2


Although they use hovering is a distinctive hunting strategy, kestrels spend much of their time perched from posts, branches and wires, watching the ground intently on the lookout for their. I based this on some sketches on very grainy photos taken during an outing for the University Birdwatch Challenge at Hull, where we watched a male kestrel in a small brownfield patch by a car park.

Ring-necked parakeet flock

Ring-necked parakeets  In a recent trip to London, I saw Ring-Necked Parakeets every day. They constantly advertise their presence with their squeaky contact calls and move in small flocks. The last day a group few overhead, followed by a Sparrowhawk and I sketched the scene. I changed my mind and removed the Sparrowhawk. I used pencil and watercolour on a Wacon Bamboo pen. Ring-necked parakeetsd detail